Sewage system maintenance

Sewage Treatment Plants require regular servicing and emptying if they are to continue to function effectively.
We can maintain your sewage treatment plant on a service contract basis or on a more casual basis.
Servicing intervals are generally either yearly or 2-yearly depending on the loading on the treatment plant and/or your personal preferences.

The aim of a sewage treatment plant is to produce a final effluent of sufficient clarity to meet the standards set by the Environment Agency to enable discharge into a water course or soakaway. 

If the effluent discharges into a ditch or watercourse it is important that the quality of water is as high as possible to have minimal impact on the environment. If it discharges into a soakaway, the water needs to be as clean as possible to avoid particles entering the soakaway and shortening its life.

All treatment plants use Media and some have air blowers and pumping stations. It is advisable to have these cleaned to keep the desirable bacteria alive and promote long life from the electrical components within the system.

We install, maintain and empty the following plant:

Allerton Consept conversion plant

We maintain and empty the systems below:

Entec ( formerly Titan Pollution Control)
Klargester Environmental
Clearwater Technology Limited
Tuke and Bell
Condor Sewage Technology
Mantair Sewage Treatment
Marsh Sewage Treatment
Acorn Sewage Treatment
Balmoral Sewage Treatment Plants
WPL - Diamond Sewage Treatment Plants
Biofilter: Sewage Disposal System

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