Sewage Treatment Plant

We are specialists in the installation of new sewage treatment plant. We also convert existing septic tanks, cesspits and cesspools into sewage treatment plants with the installation of the Allerton 'Consept' unit.
The advantage of using the Consept unit is that it can be fitted into the existing septic tank, cesspit or cesspool.
This means a quicker installation time and we cause minimal disruption to your garden.

The unit uses a system of blown air into the sewage tank allowing good bacteria to survive which break down the solids and alleviate obnoxious smells.

Virtually clean water is collected within the systems 'settlement area' and discharged into a watercourse or soakaway.


We install soakaways, land drains and can provide all your drainage requirements.

Service and Maintenance

Once the system is installed to your septic tank, cesspit or cesspool we recommend and can provide an annual de-sludge service. Depending on the size of your tank we suggest it needs emptying every 12-24 months.


Mark Watts Drainage is a Sussex based company. We are happy to undertake work in Kent, Sussex and Surrey.

Please call us or email us using the contact page for a site inspection and quotation.

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